8 Series

The 835 Series diesel driven loader is the largest and most powerful Kanga and offers an edge in power, speed, durability, ease of use, economy and safety. The 8 Series offers increased lift capacity and longer reach and is best suited for hard working attachments and tough site conditions. The finger-tip 2 speed transmission allows the operator to safely and efficiently navigate over varying conditions. The speed selection can shift up and down giving the operator the ability to choose the right speed and or power to suit the work load and terrain. Comes in both wheeled and track option. The DT835 is fitted with Tracks for increased stability and traction. The unique tyre over track system is ideal in sandy and muddy conditions offering greater traction and also offers a smooth ride on undulating or rocky cover.

Ideally suited for the following applications:
Limestone retaining walls
Construction and Building Companies
Demolition Companies
Shire Departments
Road Construction

Engine : Kubota
Engine Model : 35hp V1505
Lift Capacity : 360 kg
Fuel Capacity : 50L
Operating Weight : 1120kg (STD Build)
Bucket Maximum Rollback : 41 degrees
Maximum Operating Height : 2570mm
Overall Height : 1402mm
Overall Length : 2230mm with Bucket
Overall Track Width : 1046mm
Ground Clearance : 194mm
Travel Speed : 5.4 - 9.3 km/h
Drive / Operating System : Soft Touch Hand Levers
Gear Pump Displacement : 16.7cc / rev
Pump Output : 82.0L / min
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity : 92.0L
System Pressure : 220 bar
Departure Angle : 30 degrees
Hydraulic Wheel Motors : 4
Wheel Rim Size : 10inch
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