Schibeci 827DE Mini Loader

The Schibeci 827DE Mini Loader, the largest and most powerful Mini Loader with a 20kW Diesel Engine and a 22kW Soft Start Electric Motor. With the 22kW Electric Motor offering you the option of working 100% Fume Free on sites where fumes are an issue or with the 20kW Diesel Motor operate comfortably outside or onsite. Offering an edge is power, speed, durability, ease of use, economy and safety the Schibeci 827D is the ultimate Mini Loader for concrete preparation.

Take advantage of the ability to perform powerful tasks in limited access area’s with the Schibeci Range of attachments which includes the Schibeci Power Profiler 1500, Schibeci Power Planer 3000, Schibeci Power Grinder 7500, Schibeci Power Edger 2000, Schibeci Poly Planer.

Engine Model : Kubota Diesel and Electric
Power : 20.0kW
Lift Capacity : 340kg
Fuel Capacity : 43L
Operating Weight : 1042kg
Bucket Maximum Rollback : 38degrees
Maximum Operating Height : 2560mm
Overall Height : 1370mm
Overall Length : 2280mm
Overall Wheel Width : 1045mm
Ground Clearance : 185mm
Travel Speed : 9.3km / hr
Drive / Operating System : 6 Hand Levers
Gear Pump Displacement : 12.5cc / rev
Pump Output : 45.0L / min
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity : 92.0L
System Pressure : 220.6bars
Departure Angle : 29degrees
Hydraulic Wheel Motors : 4
Wheel Rim Size : 10inch
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